Flag Pole Maintenance in the Cold Weather: 4 Things You Need to Know

No American truly dedicated to patriotism will stop flying a flag in the winter.

Lewis & Clark did not stop exploring the Great Unknown in spite of having to endure three winters in uncharted wilderness.

George Washington did not surrender his vision of an American Revolution while having to suffer through a winter at the Valley Forge.

Kansans did not abandon their homes and livelihoods when faced with The Great Blizzard of 1886 and the subsequent annihilation of 75% of the state's livestock.

And you are not going to desert your American pride & heritage flying on your flag pole just because the temperatures drop.

If you have the hardened blood of American toughness coursing through your veins, then you have the capability to continue to fly your flag regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way.

When the temperatures drop while Old Glory is risen on your Roosevelt Flag Pole, be sure to follow these maintenance tips so your flag pole can carry out it's duty for many winters to come.

4. Check Your Flagpole's Parts Regularly

First, you should check your flagpole's parts both before winter begins in earnest and after every winter storm.

That's because even the most durable flagpoles will frequently suffer surface-level damage, and many of the parts inside your flagpole can freeze over and accrue cracks over time. 

You should make inspecting your flagpole a regular part of your flag maintenance routine.

For the best results, perform a quick inspection each time that you raise and lower the flag. This will ensure that you are never caught off guard by a broken part or a cleaning issue you need to take care of.

3. Fly a Smaller Flag if Possible

It’s great when American patriots try to fly the biggest flags they can! But the thing is, your flagpole will be much more stressed during the winter then it will throughout the rest of the year.

Because of this, it’s often smarter to fly a smaller flag during the winter months.

This puts less strain on your flagpole and, thus, demand less maintenance on your part.

Similarly, flying a smaller flag will mean you have a smaller flag to wash and take care of! It’s all about making flag maintenance manageable rather than overwhelming.

2. Clean Ice Off When You Can

When you do a flagpole inspection, you should check for ice both on the exterior and on the interior components.

Wherever you find it, try to clean it off with soap and water on a day when the water won’t freeze over immediately and reset your progress.

Because of this winter factor, it’s usually wise to try to wash your flagpole during the hottest part of the day (i.e. afternoon when the daily temperature reaches its maximum).

In most cases, a mild bathroom cleaner and water do the job just fine. This will get rid of ice and any dirt or grime that might have been rubbed into the flagpole over time.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Replace Flagpole Parts

Lastly, winter puts a lot of strain on even the most durable flagpoles.

Because of this, you may need to replace one or more components to ensure you can keep flying your American flag as high and proud as you did before.

Here at Stand, we offer various flag pole replacement parts ready to ship on our "Flag Pole Parts" page.

If you don't see the part you're looking for, need any help with other replacement flagpole parts, or have other questions regarding the maintenance of your flagpole, flag, flag protocol, we’re here to help!

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Thank you for reading, United We Stand.

Justin, Author
Maine, USA