STAND® Return and Refund Policies 

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations are done on a per request basis, if Customer Support is able to catch the order before it ships, it will be cancelled. The cancellation fee is 2.9% of the order total. If the order has been shipped before the cancellation request was able to be processed the order can no longer be cancelled and is now subject to the Refund & Return Policy.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds are only issued on products that carry a ‘Money Back Guarantee’. Each Money Back Guarantee comes with a Money Back Time Frame associated with the Guarantee and a Refund Percentage specific to the Guarantee.
  • Digital products and subscriptions DO NOT come with a money back guarantee and will not be refunded, only cancelled at the time of request.
  • The Money Back Time Frame begins on the date that the order is received. If tracking information does not show a received date the 'Money back Time Frame' begins 10 days after the order was placed.
  • The Refund Percentage is for the product cost only, it does not apply to shipping services. The Customer is responsible for all packaging and shipping required to return the merchandise to the Company. 
  • If Customer wishes to return an eligible product for a refund, Customer is required to submit a Return Merchandise Authorization Form and return the product to the Company within the Money Back Time Frame. The Company will not accept returns for any reason without a completed RMA form or RMA number. In some cases the customer will be expected to provide photo or video evidence. 
    1. That RMA form can be found here:

  • Any refurbished product purchased through the Company is not eligible for a refund. 
In situations where a return is Approved by Stand Flagpoles due to a customer-initiated mistake (such as ordering the wrong number of items, cancellation, change of mind, or a preference for a different item, etc.), we kindly request that the customer covers the associated return fees.

Product Name

Money Back Time Frame

Refund Percentage

20 Ft Flagpole

30 Days

100% of product cost


  1. My product is eligible for refund under a Money Back Guarantee, now what do I do?
    • Please fill out the RMA form found HERE. All returned product requires a Returned Merchandise Authorization number which can only be obtained by filling out the form.
    1. I shipped my product back with my RMA number on it, now what happens?
      • If Customer has the tracking number for the product being returned to the Company, please email it to We are happy to issue the refund quicker based off of the return tracking number. Alternatively, we will process the refund following receipt of the product to our warehouse location.

      Replacement Policy

      • To initiate a replacement product request, please begin by completing an RMA Form by contacting our Customer Service team at You will be asked to provide evidence of manufacturer defect before a replacement request is escalated for review. Please be aware that we may request additional evidence, such as pictures, videos, etc. to determine if a replacement is approved. However, please note that submission of evidence does not guarantee approval of the replacement.
      • Cosmetic damage caused by the customer or overall wear and tear from the use of the product is not eligible for a replacement.
      • An approved replacement is considered a warranty replacement by the Company. Warranty replacements are only eligible for a one-time replacement under any included or extended warranty.
      • While the Company appreciates the return of defective products by customers for research purposes, returning the product is not mandatory in all cases for a replacement order to be issued. Our customer support team will specify when you will need to ship back the item(s).
      • The company holds no responsibility for items lost or damaged during transit. We will honor any orders only if they are delivered back to our facilities.

      Address Change

      Once your order has been placed, Unfortunately, we are unable to make changes to your shipping address. If you discover an error in the address provided, we suggest contacting the carrier directly. They may have the ability to assist you in making the necessary changes. You can find details about the specific carrier assigned to your order in the shipment confirmation email.

      Product Warranties

      The Company offers parts and replacement warranties only. Please see below for Product Warranty Policies. 

      Product Name

      Warranty Days

      Roosevelt Flag Pole

      Limited Lifetime Warranty on flagpole

      20 Ft Flagpole

       30 Days *Can purchase a 1 year extended warranty.


      • Warranty: If you purchased a One Year Warranty with your order or purchase a One Year Warranty within 7 days of receiving your order, you will be covered within one year from the date the product was shipped.
      • Cosmetic damage caused by the customer or overall wear and tear from the use of the product is not covered under the Company Warranty Policies.
      • For further details on these Warranties, Customer should refer to the documentation provided with the product or contact to obtain a copy.

      Stand Universal Policy:

      30-day money-back warranty

      •  starting from the delivery date.
      •  Excludes damage incurred during transit.
      •  Excludes damage caused by the customer.
      •  Shipping fees are non-refundable.
      •  Item must be returned in its original condition.
      •  Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
      •  Refunds will be processed within a certain period after receiving the returned item.
      •  Proof of purchase is required for all returns.
      •  Items must be returned with all original packaging and accessories.

       - Extended Warranty: None

       - This policy covers all products not included in any other policies.

       - The Company retains the right to update it's policies based on factors decided internally.

      Promotions Policy

      - Promotions are limited to one per transaction, which includes free gifts, coupons, discounts, and other offers.