How You Can Support Your Local Police in a Meaningful Way

Ever since the start of the George Floyd protests, our police have had a really rough time in the public eye.

Although there are undoubtedly some cops in need of punishment or re-training...  The police as a whole are a force for good and we're dedicated to helping them regain their honor after the BLM movement has unfairly painted them all as corrupt thugs.

We can stand up and make a difference by supporting our local police in meaningful ways.

While these may be small gestures for you and I, they'll mean the world to our local police heroes.

Here, we came up with some ideas that'll help us remind our police that we appreciate their service:


Show Up for BLUE Lives Matter! 

First and foremost: Show up to the protests on the right side of the law!

Naturally, this advice only applies to able-bodied folks or those who feel comfortable going to such high-energy environments.

There’s always the threat of a little violence, so it might be smart to bring some pepper spray or something similar to defend yourself in case things get out of hand.

Being present at the protest on the Blue Lives Matter side of the line can help dramatically and helps build morale.

It shows cops that not everyone is arrayed against them, and informs BLM protesters that they won’t be able to bully everyone into submission without a fight.

If you don’t have any protests in your local area, consider peacefully holding a sign outside your local precinct’s office.

Every public display of support can help in these trying times.

Bring Food and Drinks to Police Stations

Nothing warms the heart more than great food and drink!

While police stations often have vending machines, and might be equipped with a small kitchen where staffers can heat up simple meals, it’s nowhere near as good as the home-cooked stuff you can provide.

Consider bringing food and drinks to your local police station if you have the talent and time. In a pinch, you can't go wrong with a box of something delicious from your local bakery. 

Delivering some comforting snacks is a wonderful gesture, and it helps give your local police officers the fuel they need to keep fighting the good fight.

Offer to Help Widows/Widowers and Their Kids

Police undoubtedly lead dangerous lives so that the rest of us can sleep soundly at night.

Because of this, cops often leave behind loved ones when things go wrong and they meet an untimely end.

Widows and widowers are often in need of lots of help, both during the initial grieving process and long after their partner has passed away. This is especially true if they have kids.

Consider offering to babysit the kids, or provide cooked meals and other supplies to a widow or widower who needs the help.

Even just being there and reaching out with reassurance will be significant. The comfort of human support is often underestimated, but deeply profound.

Sometimes, folks just need someone to be there for them – you can be that person, even if you aren’t that close yet.


All in all, showing any kind of support for your local police can go a long way toward changing the tide of public opinion and making a real difference.

We hope you’ll take these ideas to heart and act on at least one of them – We know we’ll be trying all three.

Thank you for reading, United We Stand...