Patriotic Christmas Gifts for Christian Americans

American Christians are for God and Country.

Creating a foundational pillar for a happy, healthy society, our brothers and sisters of faith are also proudly patriotic. 

Each Christmas, choosing a meaningful gift to represent the most significant bond in life - between Christ and oneself - is a welcome addition to any American home building a legacy of faith.

Announce love and redemption through Christ with flags that also epitomize America’s boundless joys and traditional ideals.  

Combining the two couldn’t be a better way to honor our most unshakeable foundations: One nation, under God.

Here’s some gifts all American Christian families will love, to represent their ideals and faith this Christmas.

5 Patriotic Christmas Gifts for American Christians:

5. The Roosevelt Flagpole Kit

Give the ultimate gift of patriotic pride that is built to last Category 1 Hurricane Wind Speeds & anything else nature throws at it. 

Constructed from incredibly durable & reliable aluminum, the Roosevelt also features a pinching exterior sleeve. 

Easily fly two flags at once, plus half-staff with our premium rope & pully tophat.

 4. The Solar Flag Pole Light

Day or night, rain or shine, you can fly your flag 24/7 confidently without violating U.S. Flag Code with the Solar Flag Pole Light. 

Utilizing solar power & batteries, this unique add-on automatically turns on at night and off in the morning. 

Once your loved one places this easy-to-install light on their flag pole, they never have to worry about it again.

3. The Christian Flag

Adorn the Roosevelt Flag Pole with a Christian Flag, to proudly display faith along with American patriotism.

2. Old Glory

Take your pick from our collection of premium quality, American-made embroidered flags and choose the perfect size for their new flagpole.

1. The STAND Gift Card

Or, let them choose themselves! 

Grab a STAND Flag Poles Gift Card so your loved ones can take their patriotic pride on a Christmas shopping adventure.

Celebrate the patriotic Christian families on your holiday shopping list with these gifts that embody the tight bond between faith and this beautiful country of ours. 

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, God bless.  


Proud STAND Patriot

Nevada, USA