Thinking About Getting a Firearm? Start Here...

There are tons of angles to consider if you’re thinking about getting a firearm...

Here’s a basic overview of the things you should think over before buying any gun: Whether you’re a beginner, or someone who already owns a few weapons;

4. Consider Laws and Legislation in Your State

Different states have different laws and legislation that will impact what types of firearms you can pick and the kinds of licenses you need to legally carry, either open or concealed. 

It’s crucial that you look into these laws and any licensure requirements before trying to get a firearm. This way, you won’t waste weeks or months running around in bureaucratic circles trying to get everything filled out properly.

For instance, it’s a waste of time to try to get most types of rifles in a state like California.

3. Pick Out a Caliber and Weapon Type Beforehand

Next, do a little research and choose a caliber and weapon type before going shopping. 

If you’re buying your first gun, we’d recommend choosing a common caliber like 9 mm, .22 LR, 40 cal, .357, and .45 APC. This will ensure that you don’t bite off more than you can chew or choose a caliber that produces so much recoil you won’t be able to properly practice with the gun.

We’d recommend choosing a pistol for your first weapon if you don’t have any experience. They’re perfect self-defense weapons, if that’s what you're buying it for in the first place. 

However, if you're looking for something more versatile, rifles are a better choice for both self-defense and hunting. 

The Bottom Line: Think before you buy, so you don’t end up wasting money on a firearm you don’t use to its fullest extent.

2. Make Sure the Gun Feels Right for Your Hand

Some guns are made for larger hands and more experienced shooters. Others are better for smaller hands or for beginners. 

You should always try out and handle a gun before making a final purchase – any gun store owner worth your business will let you feel the weapon before buying.

This is critical, as the gun needs to feel comfortable and “correct” in your hand. 

Don’t get something that feels lopsided, or doesn’t fit well into your palm. 

1. Plan to Stick with the Same Gun for a While

Once you buy a gun, plan to stick with it and become proficient with it before moving on to your next firearm. This is especially true if you’re just learning how to shoot for the first time. 

It takes lots of practice to become a proficient shooter with any weapon, and you shouldn’t expect your first time at the range with your new gun to go perfectly.

A firearm is best thought of as an investment, not a one-time purchase. Invest with your time as well as your money and you’ll see much better results over the long term. 

The Wrap Up

Purchasing a gun is a big decision. 

But, consider all of the above points before buying one and you’ll end up choosing a firearm that both works well, and that feels right when it’s in your hand. Good hunting!

Thank you for reading, United We Stand

Justin, Author

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